10 reasons why you should consider aged care

10 reasons why you should consider aged care

Moving into a Residential Aged Care Facility can be stress-full on the whole family including the person entering care. Here are 10 reasons you may not have considered about an aged care facility.

  1. Day trips – you are not restricted to staying in the home. If your health allows it you can go out on trips by yourself, with friends and family or organised trips with the facility
  2. Daily activities – may homes have a full list of activities each day for their residents to participate in including gardening, cards, yoga, painting, music etc
  3. Exercise classes – if your health allows it you can join in and sweat a little
  4. Happy hours – don’t you love happy hours. Many homes put on happy hours during the week for their residents to get together and socialise
  5. Expert care – when the time requires it having quality care on call
  6. Protection and Safety – no need to worry about intruders
  7. Great Food and Drink – all meals and snacks prepared by chefs and in most places alcohol with meals. Day trips to restaurants are often quite on the cards as well.
  8. All washing, cleaning, cooking done for the residents so you can get on with the activities of the day.
  9. Peace of mind for both the resident and the family knowing that they are safe
  10. Residents are encouraged to participate which allows them to create new friendships

Residents can have a fulfilling life in care. Obtaining the right aged care financial advice from our aged care consultants will help make the transition easier.

February 19, 2018

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